Cum funcționează Pricer

Soluția Pricer

Pricer replenishment

Pricer inventory and process management

Pricer product finder

Pricer out of stock

Toutengros Partner version

Plus retail in the Netherlands

For Geolocation, we have a film from Leroy Merlin in France

Geolocation and Click and collect at Meny (Norway)

Geolocation and Click and Collect at ICA

Geolocation and Click and collect at Meny (Norway)

System U – Pricer ESL Use Cases

A video showing various use cases at a DIY in France

Carrefour Pick

System U pick to light long

Instalarea etichetelor electronice de raft

Sistem de numărare clienți în magazin

Pricer SmartFlash

Pricer, Inovatorul

Etichete Pricer în Benzinării

Etichete Pricer în magazine alimentare